8/17/21: What wildflowers support your bees?

We still have some summer left and some crops and many flowers are blooming. The drought in parts of our area is causing some flowers to die more quickly this year so get out soon. If you are new, start now! Growers what other flowers are supporting your pollinators? Where are honeybees foraging? See some late season bees that like asters and goldenrods.

8/5/21: All bee groups are flying right now, get to know them

There is a lot of bee diversity out there right now which means it a really good time to get out, get familiar with bees, and take a few WiBee surveys before fall arrives. Read about some of the active representatives of the 5 bee groups used for WiBee and see a very convincing bumble bee mimic. Plus a cheat sheet to define complex “flower” units.