Wisconsin Online Pollinator Habitat Assessment

Step 1: Choose a site

Do you have a garden area, a yard or a larger property where you would like to create a healthy habitat that attracts pollinators? Choose a specific site to conduct an assessment - no site is too small to evaluate.

Step 2: Complete the online habitat assessment

Head outside with your smartphone or tablet and get started! On this site, you will explore and evaluate the quality of the foraging habitat, nesting habitat, and insecticide use. This assessment should take you about 20 minutes or less to complete.

Step 3: Improve your pollinator habitat

Once you have completed your site assessment, check out our 2-page Pollinator Habitat Guide for a list of the steps you can take to improve your habitat, and peruse our favorite pollinator resources on the web.

Questions? Email us at pollinators@wisc.edu.