WiBee Pollinator Categories

To make it easier for you to collect data with the app, we’ve created just six categories of insects that you will need to be able to identify as you use the app to observe insects that are visiting and pollinating crop flowers.

  1. Review the six categories below or,
  2. Download our Bee ID Guide for a quick printable reference.
squash flowers and bees and phone showing WiBee survey screen

Test your ID skills

Practice your identification skills with this simple one-page photo quiz. There are 12 photos total. Can you identify each photo as a bee, wasp, fly or butterfly?

Download the Am I a Bee? practice quiz

Once you have finished the quiz, check your answers!

Check your answers to the quiz.

Download the Bee ID Guide

Take our two page (front and back) guide into the field with you to improve your bee identification skills on-the-go.

Download the Bee ID Guide (PDF)