Bumble bee loaded with pollen visiting a pink prairie clover flower

Welcome to Wisconsin Pollinators

This site is maintained by the Gratton Lab in the Department of Entomology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Our mission is to learn through innovative science, creating fundamental knowledge that links insects, landscapes, and their conservation in support of healthy ecosystems and human well being. A major focus of our research revolves around the conservation of and services provided by wild and managed pollinators. On this website you can find information about our WiBee citizen-science pollinator survey app, pollinator identification resources, a habitat assessment tool, and information for pollinator-friendly solar installations.

WiBee: The Wisconsin Wild Bee App

Learn how to use our new mobile phone app to understand how native, wild bees are contributing to crop pollination on your farm and across Wisconsin's landscape.

Wisconsin Online Pollinator Habitat Assessment

Do you have a garden area, a yard or a larger property where you would like to create healthy habitat that attracts pollinators? Choose a specific site and use our online tool to complete a habitat assessment.

Create Pollinator Habitat

Insect pollinators need three things to survive: food, shelter, and protection from insecticides. Whether you are a farmer, gardener or homeowner, learn how you can provide a healthy habitat for Wisconsin's native pollinators.

Pollinator-friendly Solar

Wisconsin guidelines for solar energy developers and habitat management companies interested in developing pollinator-friendly habitats on ground-based solar installations

Photo credit: Fresh Energy

Solar array with flowers in foreground

Bumble Bees of Wisconsin

Check out our sister site for more information on Wisconsin bumble bees.