WiBee: The Wisconsin Wild Bee App

What is The WiBee App?

WiBee (pronounced Wee-bee) is a new smartphone app developed by the Gratton Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We invite growers and interested community members to use the app during the growing season to collect high quality data on wild bee abundance and diversity on Wisconsin’s fruit and vegetable farms, as well as non-crop habitats.

With your help, we can provide growers with better pollination management recommendations specific to individual farms and share more information about the diversity, abundance and value of Wisconsin’s wild bees.

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Read our latest update (Fall/Winter 2020) on the WiBee project.

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The WiBee App is publicly available for anyone to use, whether you are a gardener, grower, student, or just interested in bees.

What's new

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    6/2/21: Welcome Summer

    Are berries blooming? Cranberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries all make for good crop surveys, as do herbs and peas. Old pithy Rubus stems make nest sites for tunneling bees right in the buffet!

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Learn how to get started

How do I get started using the app?

  1. Learn to identify our 5 groups of bees and distinguish them from other non-bee insects that visit flowers.
  2. Read our one-page protocol to learn how to collect high quality data.
  3. Download the app. In the app, take a short Bee Photo ID Quiz to check your identification skills.
  4. Get started surveying bees!
  5. Once you start submitting bee surveys, you will be able to explore your data in the app and explore regional data on our public WiBee data dashboard.

Explore the data

2020 WiBee survey sites in Wisconsin
2020 WiBee survey sites in Wisconsin

The 2020 results in! Read our quick summaries of the 2020 bee data for all habitats combined, or focus on apple, cranberry and cucurbit crops.

Explore the bee data collected by WiBee App participants on our WiBee Data Dashboard.