Results and data

The results are in from our first year of data collection. Thank you to the 239 participants who contributed over 1,000 WiBee bee surveys in 2020, in Wisconsin and globally. Check out our research team’s brief 2 page summaries of the Wisconsin results below or explore all the raw data on our online WiBee Data Dashboard.

2020 WiBee survey sites in Wisconsin
2020 WiBee survey sites in Wisconsin

Quick summaries

Look at a broad overview of the WiBee results or focus on a few highly pollinator-dependent crops: apple, cranberry, and cucurbits.

All Wisconsin summary (view PDF) Highlights of bee data across all habitats, including prairie, woodland, farm, orchard, lawn and garden, and more.

Apple summary (view PDF)

Cranberry summary (view PDF)

Cucurbit summary (view PDF) Cucurbit crops include melons, squash, cucumber and other members of the gourd family.

Online data dashboard