7/12/21: Survey tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins and wildflowers

squash flowers and bees and phone showing WiBee survey screenTomato Blitz continues, keep those great tomato surveys coming! We have 37 surveys and bumble bees make up 71% of visits! Honey bees make up only 0.1%. Quite a bit different than some other crops we see. What would summer be without cucumbers and zucchini? Fall without pumpkins and squash? Thank those bees, these plants require pollinators. If you have any plants in these groups in your garden or farm, please send in some surveys! Last year, large dark bees were the most common visitors but we dont have enough 2021 surveys yet to see what’s going on this year. See more on the WiBee Data Dashboard

Wildflowers and ornamentals: BIG NEWS. WiBee update 1.12 has streamlined the plant search process. When you click select “flowering plant” in the pre-survey methods, scroll down past the bumble bee on Monardafocal plant list if you dont want one of these. At the bottom you will see “Full plant list.” Click, and use the easy-to-see search bar to find your plant.  Then just tap your plant to select it and off you go! If you can’t find the species, look for genus or family and select that. If you can’t find genus or family either, there is an option for “other” below the focal plant list at the very bottom. Notes welcome.

On the focal plant list: Monarda should be blooming right now, great for bumble bees! Also Cup Plant, Milkweeds, Leadplant and of course White Clover and Dandelion.