7/22/21: Boom time for bees and flowers

Green bee, Agapostemon, on a mint family flowersThis time of year is busy for bees and flowers. It’s a great time to get in your 9 surveys because there’s so much diversity. See the bright green shine on the bee to the left? It is a kind of “Green bee” in the genus Agapostemon. Green bees are out in abundance now! Look for them on cucumber and tomato.

Bumble bee colonies are also in full swing, with many workers out foraging. Plants like this Monarda provide good nectar sources for these big bees which need to feed their nest-mates. bumble bee on MonardaBumble bees are also excellent tomato pollinators because they buzz pollinate.

Tomato Blitz is still going through the end of the week, please contribute surveys if you are growing tomatoes this year.

We also want you to remember those mellons, squash, pumpkins and zucchini. See if you can spot the Squash Bee sleeping in your blossoms.